Hi, I’m Elizah Turner. I’m a creative producer with a strong desire to tell stories and help musicians succeed. (if you’d like to see my portfolio, just click on my name!) 

I’m currently located in Philadelphia, by way of Dallas, and no sorry I’m not an Eagles fan. 🧐

I’m just recieved my Masters in Music Industry Administration at California State University, Northridge and I’m looking for my next opportunity. Yay metadata, licensing, royalty statements, and P&Ls! 🤓

My career interests are in copyright, licensing, rights management, film finance and distribution, and story development. 🎞️🎙️

In 2023, I received a producing fellowship with the best festival in the land, Blackstar Film Festival and produced the short film, The Freedom to Fall Apart, a story about a young college dropout seeking acceptance into a secret society. 🦌

In the year of 2022, admittely it was a bit of a blur but I did work on a few cool projects that I signed NDAs for and can tell you about them in 7 years. 🤫

In 2021, I co-produced a short film entitled, The Funnel, a film about ancestral power and love set on the South Side of Chicago in the late 1940s.

In January 2020, I relocated from Atlanta to Philadelphia and subsequently survived the COVID19 pandemic while working from home on various contracts. 😮‍💨

In 2019, I received a small grant from the business accelerator, Start:ME (Goizueta Emory School of Business) and I started the company, Rules of Entertainment — a music administration and education platform. While the platform is still in beta, I look forward to resuming focus after my graduate studies. 🛠️🏆

In 2018, I really thought I wanted to go to law school but as it turns out, I just wanted to learn endlessly about copyright law, intellectual property, and the administration side of the film and music business.

Prior to this, I built out systems of operation, freelanced as a graphic designer, photographer, videographer, toured domestically with music artists, designed company websites (html, CSS+) and did whatever fueled my creativity and interest.  

For a long time, I could not comprehend why my career path was so unorthodox and without a through line but turns out, when you evolve internally, your environment and surroundings evolve as well. My life is lead by curiosity and there is never a dull day! (hello to my fellow neurodivergent creatives!)

And the through line has been inspiration. 🎯💡💎🔑 📬

If you made it this far, wow - impressive! I’m currently transferring my portfolio of work to a new CMS to provide a more detailed look into my process so thanks for sticking with me in the meantime. 👏